Unwrap the Magic! Top 10+ Staff Picks

Unwrap the Magic!
Top 10+ Staff Picks

Marking special moments with gifts that make memories.

Hang4 USB Hub

What Makes It Special: The Hang4 USB desk hub makes it easy for you to stay connected to friends and family and reach higher levels of productivity. With two USB-A & C output ports, and an USB input port, you can do more by focusing on less.

Staff pick: Hayley Saltzman

Breakaway Speaker

What Makes It Special: With its silicone carrying sleeve making it convenient to transport, this breakaway speaker easily fills multiple rooms with high-quality surround sound. Simply twist each end of the speaker to separate one speaker into two and bring people together, no matter what room they may be in.

Staff pick: Michael Bernknopf

Hot Cocoa Kit

What Makes It Special: During this time of sharing, this Hot Cocoa Kit makes bonding with family and friends that much sweeter.

Staff pick: Travis Perrin

Scribbler Glow Memo Board

What Makes It Special: Make your message shine. The Scribbler Glow Desktop memo board is a futuristic gift that will light up anyone’s day.

Staff pick: Amber Dickerhof

BioLite SolarPanel 5+ Charger ECO

What Makes It Special: 5 watts of usable power via USB output can transform the way you cook, charge, and live life. Built on sustainable business practices, this gift makes it easy for anyone to bring energy anywhere with power that can change the world.

Staff pick: Maria Branigan

iHome Powerglide Massager

What Makes It Special: Support loved ones experiencing stress and soreness with the iHome PowerGlide Muscle Gun Massager. Cordless and portable, it’s rechargeable battery can provide 6 hours of uninterrupted deep tissue massages, making this the perfect gift for anyone at home, the gym, or the office.

Staff pick: Pnina Lutwak

PowerTrip Classic Portable Charger with Solar Panel ECO

What Makes It Special: This iconic Canadian-made, award winning PowerTrip Classic is a 6,400 mAh power bank that includes hybrid charging technology guaranteeing power is properly stored and ready when you and yours need it most.

Staff pick: Denis Martinez

The Goods™ Recycled Felt Tall Shopper Tote ECO

What Makes It Special: Making an impact on the world around you, this Recycled Felt Tall Shopper Tote will keep you looking good and feeling proud.


Staff pick: Janet Veitch


What Makes It Special: A stylish tech gift for any office or home. This comprehensive wireless, sleek bamboo charging stand makes it so you’re never too busy to be organised and stay charged.


Staff pick: Ryan Goldberg

MagnaSculpt Interactive Desktop Sculpture

What Makes It Special:Honour those in your life who are creative and unique by gifting them this MagnaSculpt Interactive Desktop Sculpture because creativity is just intelligence having fun.

Staff pick: Tonja Zander

Baltique® Marrakesh Salad Bowl Set

What Makes It Special: This Baltique Marrakesh Salad Bowl Set is all about community. It’s beautiful inlay of colours is guaranteed to bring friends and family together around the dinner table.

Staff Pick: Cara Kowal

Cutter & Buck Adapt Eco Knit Stretch Recycled Quarter Zip Pullover ECO

What Makes It Special: Engineered for exceptional versatility, this eco-friendly pullover is extremely comfortable and lightweight keeping you and the planet feeling good.

Staff Pick: Tonja Zander

Dri Duck Multitool Hammer

What Makes It Special: In the midst of creativity and productivity, this Dri Duck Multitool Hammer has the power to construct a world of possibilities.

Staff Pick: Jeffrey Ho

Flask & Island Rocks Glasses Gift Set

What Makes It Special: If you’re happy and you know it, raise your glass.
This Flask & Island Rocks Glass Gift Set will make lasting memories with friends you’ll never forget.

Staff Pick:
Aaron Moscoe

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